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Let The Industry’s Leading Coaches Take You By The Hand, And Walk You Every Step Of The Way To Finally Catapult Your Financial Success with …

Accelerated Investor: V.I.P. Coaching, Consulting & Mastermind

We will personally mentor YOU to take advantage of today’s real estate market, even if you have no previous experience.

This is your opportunity to work with the most qualified and experienced real estate coaching team in the industry.

The Strategic Real Estate Coach Team of Investor Coaches has a combined 74 years experience in real estate investing with over 5,286 closed deals, and $59,400,000 in profits.

Now you can benefit directly from our experience to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible.

There are a very limited number of spots open each month.

V.I.P. Coaching, Consulting and Mastermind is available by application only.

Apply Here: Coaching, Consulting and Mastermind Request Form

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Yes! You Can Make More, Work Less,
Quit Your Job (if you want to!)
And Live FREE!

I’ve done it, many of my students have done it, and you can do it too!*
(*In a lot less time and with a lot less struggle than it took me…)

A Personal Message From Josh Cantwell:

Investor, Lender, Acclaimed Author, Founder of Strategic Real Estate Coach

RE: Regarding Our Unique Hands-On V.I.P. Mentoring Program:

Dear Friend and Fellow Real Estate Investor,

My name is Josh Cantwell.

My business coaching team and I are looking for a handful of quality people to work with on a direct and personal basis.

This is a unique experience that provides a very intimate level of hands-on attention to help you take your business to the next level.

I must warn you, this is “A-Player Only” type stuff and 97% of people reading this message do not qualify.

But if you’re in the 3% that match my criteria, I want to make this year  your best year yet.

Here’s the deal…

Combined, my team and I have closed over 5,200 real estate transactions and made over $50+ million dollars in profits for ourselves, our business partners and our mentor students. We are experts at finding, negotiating, structuring, renovating, managing and selling properties across the U.S. for a profit. It doesn’t matter where you are located, what your experience level is, how much money you have, if your are a licensed agent or a non-licensed investor, we have successful students from nearly every corner of the country. Most of them started out with zero experience and zero extra money. Just a desire to change their lives and Strategic Real Estate Coach in their corner.

A quick word about our coaches. All of our coaches are former students of mine who have graduated from my V.I.P. Coaching Program. They started out with no experience, no credit, no extra money. Now they all run highly successful real estate businesses that close hundreds of transactions per year generating millions in revenue. They started out the same way you and I did. They started with nothing but a desire to change their lives and a willingness to work hard to obtain their goals and objectives.

If this sounds like you then keep reading.

To read more about the knowledge and experience levels of our coaches click here:

We get hundreds of applications for coaching every single month. Investors seek us out to coach them because they have seen our success and simply want to “model” what we’ve already accomplished. We conduct a very limited number of one-on-one interviews based on the applications we receive. Each month our goal is to to find the stand-out candidates who will join the ranks of the elite.

If you want to see if you’re a perfect match for this mentoring program fill out the 1st step of the survey on this page. Then complete the remaining questions in the 2nd step. If you qualify we will set up a one on one interview to explain the program and get you enrolled.

At the link below you’ll find a short application. If you’re SERIOUS about your real estate business and want a game plan for taking advantage of the massive opportunity waiting for the “armed and ready” investor,

I want to hear from you.

If you’d rather speak with a business advisor directly you can call this number toll free:


If you match the qualities I’m looking for in my “inner circle” then we will set up a one-on-one interview and strategy session to identify your goals and see if you’re fit to be a participant. If you qualify we will enroll you into our next class of successful mentor students.

If all goes well for you, we will share with you the details of this exciting, proven program, exactly what my personal game plan is for this year and beyond, and it’s even possible we may decide to work with you on an ongoing basis to practically guarantee your success.

However, you MUST meet the below criteria:

1. You must be “coachable” and willing to learn.
2. You must be an action taker and be able to prove it.
3. You must have some resources available (Both TIME and financial) to act on deals and opportunities as soon as they present themselves.
4. You must have the positive mental attitude of a CHAMPION.  *This is the most important qualification – no whiners/complainers allowed. I only want to work with “do whatever it takes people”!

If you fit the “A-Player Profile” please complete the form below.

Let me ask you….Do you struggle with these same challenges most other investor’s face?

Often real estate investors fail because of the lack of time, money, and support.

They also fail because of a lack of knowledge on how to execute a profitable transaction. Often a money making transaction is staring them in the face and they just can’t quite get over the hump and put it all together. This is where V.I.P. coaching comes in. When you have a team of investor coaches who have already “been there, done that, earned that ribbon” you can count on them to create a profitable exit strategy.

If you want access to the resources that you are missing, have trouble keeping a positive mindset in tough times, have trouble staying accountable to taking action, and want proven profitable systems, then you need a mentor to guide you to success. You need to be an “Accelerated Investor V.I.P Coaching Client”.

After you complete the form above, you’ll be taken to the short application that will indentify if you match our candidate criteria. If you are a match, you will be contacted to schedule a call.

You must act fast. We only have a limited number of spots available each month.

Why do we have limited spots? Reason is that our coaches run highly successful businesses so none of us want to take time away from our businesses to coach “B or C Players” who won’t listen or act on the advice and techniques we teach them.

We work with the best. They spread the word about their success and it brings in more and more coaching clients. Its perpetual. BUT only if our students succeed, which they do on a massive level. In fact, many of the speakers and trainers you see today on webinars, stages and at events graduated from Strategic Real Estate Coach’s Mentoring Programs over the past 5 years.

Click here to see real results and learn about some of our V.I.P. Coaching Graduates:

To see results from coaching clients who have graduated click the link directly above.

So, I’m only looking for those who take action. I’m looking for people who would make excellent success stories. (You MUST be comfortable sharing your success story with others.)

If I feel you’re the right person we will contact you to review your application one-on-one.

(Be sure to be as candid as possible, we will personally review each application in detail.)

If you’d rather speak with a business advisor directly you can call this number toll free:


We Are A Nationwide Family of Active Real Estate Investors Each Dedicated To Your Success!

Do you struggle with these same challenges most other real estate investor’s face today?

  • Often real estate investors fail because of the lack of time, money, knowledge and support. If you want access to the resources you need, have trouble keeping a positive mindset in tough times, staying accountable to taking action, and want proven profitable systems, then you need a mentor to guide you to success.

The 6 core principals to success with Strategic Real Estate Coach:

  • Creating “Absolute Clarity of End Result” with a clear, focused vision for what personal success looks like for YOU.
  • Developing a winning strategy with an experienced mentor to implement immediately. (Behind every great success story there is a great mentor or coach.)
  • Taking massive action, remember, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and a mentor will be with you every step.
  • Masterminding you way to success, to share ideas and discover what works for others, shortcut your learning curve and overcome business constraints.
  • Succeed & Celebrate: Take that dream vacation, buy that house or car, celebrate wins and create magic moments you’ll remember forever.
  • Repeat: This is where you duplicate your success, improve, automate, outsource to build your business that supports your goals and dreams.

The time and financial commitment my coaches and I personally lay out to ensure your success is HUGE. If you think about it, we’re not only taking time away from our own businesses, but from other business opportunities and our families.

That said, if we’re spending so much of our own resources in this program, we want to make sure those participating are 110% ABSOLUTELY committed and have a “winner’s mindset.”

I’ve decided to open up this program to a limited number of spots each month, but to be accepted you must be willing to complete a detailed application outlining your desire to join the program and reach your next level of success.

After you complete the application I will personally review your answers and one of my business advisors will contact you to see if this is a right fit for you.

Our coaches are successful investors with active real estate businesses operating all across the country and are dedicated to helping other investors succeed.

Over the past eight years I’ve created a multi-million dollar real estate business and created relationships with some of the most successful real estate professionals in the business. I’ve bought and sold hundreds of homes and streamlined the entire process, making it simple for anyone to duplicate and “model” – much like many of my students have. I’ve connected with “like-minded” experts to fill in any gaps.

Every success story has a mentor behind them. You need a coach who’s been there and done that. That’s us!

Accelerate your success and find out what’s really possible.

It’s not very often someone gives you the opportunity to walk in their footsteps, learn from their mistakes, hand over their complete million dollar business model for you to duplicate their results…AND…hold your hand the entire way through.

See exactly what’s included and why this is the absolute best coaching program in the U.S.

Click here:

That’s what I’m doing for you…


Josh Cantwell
Founder, Strategic Real Estate Coach

P.S. This year is turning out to be a great year for real estate investors. Fortunes will be made for those who know how, where and when to act. If you are the right candidate I will share with you my game plan for this year and beyond, and we will hold your hand to guide you to success. This will transform your life.

P.P.S. Don’t delay. This message is being seen by a large number of potential applicants and my team and I can only reasonably handle a small number of interviews. (We are VERY selective.) It’s first come, first served and the program starts NOW.

Apply Here: V.I.P. Coaching Request Form

First Name*
Last Name*
Best Day/Time to Call*
Your biggest challenges in real estate*

If you’d rather speak with a business advisor directly you can call this number toll free:


“I feel it a honor to have you as my coach. Without your help these past few months, I can honestly say that I would NOT be where I am now.”
~ Christina Clark, Home Investment Solutions, Inc, Newport News, VA.

“I’m going full speed ahead with your program, learning from the ground up. I see what’s happening now.”
~ Donald Candys, Ugetpaid Real Estate LLC

“This is great stuff folks, bookmark this page, walk over hot coals, swim the ocean, do whatever it takes to get all Josh has to offer! We’re using these strategies and they flat-out-work!!”
~ Nick Cifone

“SREC’s students produce the most profitable results; have access to the most intelligent information available on the subject of short sales, and the highest quality leaders and peers in the nation.”
~ Stephany McFadzean

“I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciated SREC services. The professionalism. Attitudes, support, understanding, creativity, ingenuity, energy, and most of all… passion. I feel very fortunate to be in the Platinum Coaching. I’m a very big FAN of the best organization in real estate investing.”
~ Joe Heffley

“Use SREC or Lose Money!”
~ Mike Kleinstub

“Before SREC I didn’t have a plan. I was just “trying” to find deals and “trying” to close them. Now each day I have a plan and a business model that helps me determine my activities. I have become more efficient and I am now making money consistently.”
~ Zach Kennedy

“With SREC there are no lies… all there is the truth. Out of all the products and coaching that’s out there, SREC is the best investment in my time and money.”
~ Roberto Olmos

“We closed our first deal!”
~ Preston Eisnaugle

“I must say I thought the event was quite frankly the best event I have attended in the 27 years since I bought my first investment property. Josh is certainly a credit to the industry and we need more men with his integrity and honesty. I felt his teaching style was direct and informative without all the pomp and circumstance.”
~ Thomas Errico

"I have taken other real estate courses from other guys who sent you books and tapes and they confuse me. Josh is the best trainer and the best coach; I feel that there is no one else in the U.S. who can compete with him!”
~ Mary Marambio

"OMG. I think I have finally heard the real deal. No hype, just straight facts. I have looked at all kinds of programs, and have spent some serious dollars, only to be overwhelmed with information, no one to ever answer a question, and too complicated for even a seasoned Realtor of 28 years to figure out. I am excited, I think I have now heard someone that really has a solid strategy and not a tease with information. With tons of research for the new year, this is by far the best option I have seen yet to really make some money. Thanks, and look forward to the rest of the information.”
~ Linda Hughes from Nashville, TN